Summer Gardening

If you follow this blog on a regular basis you will know that:

  1. I am a terrible blogger , and
  2. Our garden is full of pittosporum hedges, which are fine if used judiciously but overpowering in the numbers planted in our garden.

So, over the last few years we’ve been systematically removing selected areas to either create vegetable gardens or to get some flowering natives into the garden for the birds and the bees.

Today we removed the stumps of the pittosporums in the side garden, dropped in 3 bags of compost, and levelled out the surface ready for a bummer bumper* crop of tomato seedlings.

*Kudos to Wilhelmina for her fully sick proof-reading skilz!

Side garden ready for tomatoes

Side garden ready for tomatoes

Tomato seedlings bursting out of their tray!



Our compost bin has been giving me the pip, the irits, the ever-lovin’ shits.

It’s a rodent magnet, it stinks, it doesn’t bloody make compost.

And it’s got a lean. It’s not level. Which means that you can’t turn it properly without the bloody thing threatening to topple over.

So today, I fixed it. I dug out all the un-composted crap, the hay, the stinky, slimy lumps of pumpkin and mouldy bread, and I put it into the wheelbarrow. Miraculously, I found some compost at the bottom of the bin. It even had worms! I put that into a garbage bin. Then I dug out the dirt around the bottom of the bin to make it level, and I constructed a wire barrier out of mesh and some old roof-racks that have been sitting in the garage since James crashed the car.

I popped the bin back on top and filled it up with hay, then compost, then hay, then compost. Some of it was so gross. And it stank. But I kept going until the hay and the compost was used up.

And it is good!

Hopefully this works to keep out the rodents and starts making good compost that I can use in the veggie patch.