Twitter is dead!

Just tried to tweet, but the bird has flown.


What am I missing out on?!!!!


When too much cyber-surfing is barely enough

At the moment I am spending about half of my day exploring Web 2.0 tools. My work has gone to hell in a hand basket because I’m tweeting, ninging, blogging, booking, following, elluminating, YouTubing, gaming and many other things.

It is HUGE, people, HUGE!

But it’s really heaps of fun. I expect I will get sick of it in a while, but at the moment it is really exciting actually using many of these things, which, as a librarian, I ‘know’ about, but now I’m really getting to know about them, and use them, and use them properly, and interacting with other people that are learning so it doesn’t matter if I stuff up.

And the best bit is that I am learning it all from my very own, comfortable chair.

Loving it!