Review: Bitter Greens – moved

Bitter Greens
Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This intricate weaving of history, the Rapunzel fairy tale, and witchcraft and intrigue is a triumph. Kate Forsyth takes these seeming disparate elements and draws them together to create a coherent and compelling story. Beautifully written, and, despite it’s hefty page count, 576, a real page-turner. Charlotte-Rose de Force is the darling of the court of Louis XIV. She is witty, charming and a little bit naughty. But the capricious King’s fickle tastes and open ears prove to be her downfall, and Charlotte-Rose is banished to a nunnery. At first a defiant guest, Charlotte-Rose’s will is gradually broken down into submission, until Soeur Seraphina begins telling Charlotte-Rose the tale of Margherita, a young girl given away as payment for a minor crime, stealing a handful of bitter greens from the witch-courtesan, Selena Leonelli.
Told from the points of view of Charlotte-Rose, Margherita and Selena, Bitter Greens is recommended for mature readers with an interest in the machinations, intrigue and myth of a time gone by.

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Review: Marly’s Ghost – moved

Marly's Ghost
Marly’s Ghost by David Levithan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Using Dickens’ A Christmas Carol as a starting point, Leviathan has re-written the story for a modern age. On Valentine’s Day, Ben cannot face the day without his beloved Marly by his side. Her death has become all too hard for him to cope with, and Ben retreats further and further from life. On Valentine’s Day eve Ben is visited by Marly’s ghost and he feels that his life can get no worse. But Marly has something for Ben and if he can manage to follow her instructions then maybe he will find the thing he desperately needs.

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Review: The Shattering – moved

The Shattering
The Shattering by Karen Healey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mind blown.
With such a complex story to bring to fruition the setup of this novel is methodical and necessary. But the tipping point arrives – and the story soars! I read this until I was done, in the dark of the night.
The characters are all so wonderfully drawn that you become part of their story. The twists and turns come thick and fast, and the relationships crackle with electricity.

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Review: Of Poseidon – moved

Of Poseidon
Of Poseidon by Anna Banks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Of Poseidon seems that it may be just another novel in the para-normal romance genre that’s been sweeping the world. And on one level it is. Girl meets boy, they fall in love, he turns out to be something fantastic. Love blossoms. Etc. But there is just something a little bit different about this. For starters, there are no vampires or werewolves – the main characters are mer-people – and the action quite a bit more raunchy than the T book, which makes it better than all that asthma-inducing pseudo-romance in T.
I did enjoy this – even though romance is not my favorite genre. Recommended.

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Review: Once Dead, Twice Shy

Once Dead, Twice Shy (Madison Avery, #1)Once Dead, Twice Shy by Kim Harrison
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Once Dead, Twice Shy starts off slowly and confusingly, dropping you straight into the middle of the story. The main character, Madison Avery, is dead, but how and why she got that way doesn’t become clear for some time.
That said, the rest of the book is a good read, and recommended for voracious teen readers that enjoy the current crop of angel books.

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