Winter gardening update

A big weekend of digging holes (husband) and then filling them in (me):

In the front garden – moved the pot-bound strappy palm thingies (we inherited them so I don’t what plant they are) to a position along the fence in a group and popped in a self-rooted succulent that is everywhere in the garden and just seems to be indestructible.

Strappy things and succulents

Strappy things and succulents

Also planted two new Grevillea Johnsonii

Grevillea ???

Grevillea Johnsonii

to accompany the previously planted Grevillea Hookeriana and Correa Pulchella (Orange Glow)

Grevillea Hookeriana

Grevillea Hookeriana


Correa Pulchella “Orange Glow”










and moved two Osmanthus Heterophyllus Purpurea to the side fence to replace a couple of other “strappy things”.

I also moved the runaway Basil Bush from the veggie patch into a pot as it was encroaching on the broccoli and silver beet, moved most of the silver beet to another bed because it was too squashed in with the broccoli, and pulled out the root of one of the ubiquitous pittosporum trees that we inherited from the previous owners, and which we are gradually removing and replacing with either productive beds or flowering shrubs to encourage the bees and the birds.

I’ve been getting treatment for a pinched nerve in my back from Charlie Kornberg at Brighton Spinal Group (cannot recommend him highly enough!) and thought it would be a good idea to do all these jobs at once. Wrong! Spent the following morning in bed when I should have been at work. I totally overdid it – which Charlie had predicted would happen because I feel so much better now I’m getting the proper treatment.

Ah, well. The garden looks good and it makes me happy to do it. And that’s all I need.