I always think that Christmas dinner (lunch) tastes better on Boxing Day. Maybe it’s had time to gather flavour. Maybe the anticipation of a supreme meal has worn off and the greasy reality of the Christmas turkey is replaced by a drier, tastier version.

Perhaps it’s the total excess of the day – starting with chocolate money for breakfast and going downhill from there.

I ate all the same things today – but today’s were much yummier.

Go figure.


Cooking and the ‘single’ parent

The only reason I’m still up is that as a ‘single’ parent I have to think about tomorrow’s dinner tonight. But I haven’t thought about it early enough so now I’m waiting for the chicken to defrost enough so that I can cut it up and make a butter chicken to put in the slow cooker (now there’s a whole other post!) and then put in the fridge to get out in the morning and put in the hot case to cook all day and smell fantastic when we all get  home.

Now, I’m not in the usual single parent situation. This is enforced ‘singledom’ while waiting for my other half to get a job in the same area of the state as me.

So it makes me grateful for what I usually have – another head thinking about tomorrow’s dinner – and more appreciative of what ‘real’ single parents go through everyday – no matter the circumstances of their singleness.

Got to go. The microwave just binged.