John Clarke is gone

After a day of housework and podcast planning I popped onto Facebook to ‘just check’ (I was trying to stay away for a whole day, but I’m useless). And the first thing I see is a post from my friend, Sarah – a tweet from Wil Anderson celebrating the genius of John Clarke. Scrolling down, the next post is from Kate, also about John Clarke. And my heart sinks into my boots.

Because ‘fake news’, I open another tab in Safari and type in “John Clarke”…and autocomplete gives me ‘John Clarke death’. And I check the sources and they’re all reliable. I read the article on the ABC website and start weeping. Because it’s John Bloody Clarke, for Christ’s sake!

Back to Facebook, and all my friends have posted links to articles, with various expressions of their disbelief, shock, and above all, their deep respect for the man.

He was one of kind. His particular brand of laconic piss-taking will be sadly missed. There will never be another Clarke and Dawe.

To quote Sue Ann:

It says something about the importance of and love for John Clarke when my feed is full of Australians saying how gutted and devastated they are at his passing. Not just sad, but gutted and devastated. We have lost a great satirist.

Gutted and Devasted