Missing the Grand Final

For the first time in, well, forever! I am not watching the AFL grand final. I have been to the MCG and seen it for real (the replay of the Collingwood North GF, when North came out and caned the Pies was a memorable occasion) but usually we just gather with friends and family, pick a team and yell at the telly, whilst eating a vast array of processed meats – pies, dimmies, little boys, sausie rolls – and drinking beer and wine and laughing and talking and generally having a wonderful time.
Everyone has a team, an opinion, advice, a joke.
And this year I’m missing it.
Whilst flying to Perth for the WAPBA has been wonderful, I am GUTTED to be sitting in a plane while the Pies and the Cats slug it out at the ‘G. The saving grace is that my headphones, plugged into the armrest, have a crackly, staticky Gerard and Drew, assisted by Mark, Chris and Peter providing me with a blow-by-blow description of the play. I clapped when Varcoe kicked a goal within the first 30 seconds, and was grinning like a loon as I listened to ‘the boys’ enthuse about Geelong’s exceptional start. I wish you could hear how bad the reception is, and it is totally crap, but I don’t care.
In my own small way, in the only way I can, I’m involved in the best day on the sporting calendar. And I love it.


Go Saints!

What an incredible comeback by the Saints to win by three points against the Dogs at Docklands! I know, I know. I barrack for the Dees, but there is a schism in the family. My Pop (great-grandad), Nan (grandma), Dad, brother, husband and kids all barrack(ed) for the Dees. My Gump (grandad), Mum, sister, brother in law, and nieces/nephew all barrack(ed) for the Saints. It’s a very supportive and collegial situation, with lots of good-hearted and friendly game watching – until we play each other. Then all bets are off!

What strikes me as unusual is that we don’t have any other teams involved. It’s the Dess or the Saints, or ‘no team at all coz footy’s rubbish’.

What’s your family like?