Our compost bin has been giving me the pip, the irits, the ever-lovin’ shits.

It’s a rodent magnet, it stinks, it doesn’t bloody make compost.

And it’s got a lean. It’s not level. Which means that you can’t turn it properly without the bloody thing threatening to topple over.

So today, I fixed it. I dug out all the un-composted crap, the hay, the stinky, slimy lumps of pumpkin and mouldy bread, and I put it into the wheelbarrow. Miraculously, I found some compost at the bottom of the bin. It even had worms! I put that into a garbage bin. Then I dug out the dirt around the bottom of the bin to make it level, and I constructed a wire barrier out of mesh and some old roof-racks that have been sitting in the garage since James crashed the car.

I popped the bin back on top and filled it up with hay, then compost, then hay, then compost. Some of it was so gross. And it stank. But I kept going until the hay and the compost was used up.

And it is good!

Hopefully this works to keep out the rodents and starts making good compost that I can use in the veggie patch.


2 thoughts on “Compost

  1. I also found the work of composting a nasty business. Now I do trench composting. Basically, all kitchen scraps get buried in the ground and covered over with dirt. The only drawback: you have to wait 6 weeks before planting anything there.


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