When good apps go wrong…

My Instagram has been playing up lately. It’s been taking ages to load and then crashes if I try to switch to photo mode, or take a photo, or sometimes even when I just look at someone else’s photos!

It’s actually been quite distressing, because the first thing that you check is ‘Am I running the latest version?’ – I was.

So then you check to see what else is running. The answer – no other apps are running (I’m a bit obsessive about that actually).

So maybe it’s my phone?!!!!!!!

Stupidly, I’ve put up with this problem for about three weeks. When all I needed to do was ask Google. “But,” I hear you say, “you’re a librarian, and don’t librarians hate Google?” And the answer is, “Hells, no!” because Google had the answer to my question – Instagram crashes when taking a photo.

The solution, it turns out, is super-easy. Power off. Yes, that’s right. Power off. Because power off clears the memory.

Who knew?

So know I’m good to go again. And I’ve already taken two photos. Aaaaah. Life’s good.
Mr Fixit


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