Friends Forever 1

This  will be an ongoing series of photos that feature special people in my/our lives.


Mieka was a student of ours at a small independent school in country Victoria. Although she really wanted to come to the school, she found that boarding was not the same as being at home. Mieka would often turn up at my door on a Thursday night, say ‘Hi’, sit down and watch The Footy Show, say ‘Bye, and head off to bed. Not a lot said, but no need to. Familiar and family.

Cut to 2012 – 10 years later – and Mieka will always be a part of our family. She is the big sister my eldest daughter ‘never had’. She is the big friend my youngest needed when she went to school. She is our mate and friend. She is our daughter.

No matter how far away she is living from us, she will always be in our hearts. Love you, Mikes!

James, Jessie, Mieka, Miffy, Molly - Jan 2012


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