If it’s holidays then it must be time to use up the festering vegetables in our crisper, and make soup.

There are two soups on the menu today:

Leek and Corn Chowder


Mixed Vegetable.

Usually I use soup mix for the Mixed Vegetable soup, but we had run out, so I used green split peas instead. We cook the vegetable soup in the old pressure cooker and the leek and corn chowder in a normal saucepan. But, it has to be a big saucepan, otherwise there is never enough.

I love the noise that the pressure cooker makes as the weights click and clack against the lid of the pot. It makes me think of family.

I also reminds me of the time that the weights on the pressure cooker at mum and dad’s got stuck. Usually you can give it a bit of a tap, and it will just start up again. But this time I just couldn’t get it to work. I was leaning over the pot, looking all around it to see if the valve was up, and maybe if the seal was leaking. As I moved away from the pot, it gave an almighty “Ppffft” and the weight flew up to the ceiling at great speed. It hit the ceiling, which was a fair effort, as mum and dad have cathedral ceilings. And I think that I might have had a guardian angel looking after me that day, because if I hadn’t moved away when I did the weight would have smashed my jaw!


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