Review: Into White Silence

Into White Silence
Into White Silence by Anthony Eaton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This extraordinary novel is a triumph of realism – so much so that I read the entire book furious that Eaton had stolen a diary from the library at Mawson! I couldn’t believe that such a nice man would do something so despicable!
And of course he didn’t.
But the fact that he made me believe that he had stolen the diary is indicitive of the skill displayed in Eaton’s writing. This bleak story of a doomed expedition to the depths of Antarctica, an expedition led by an obsessive adventure, and flying in the face of all that is sensible and common sense, is unrelentingly dark, and the growing sense of disaster and doom that Eaton builds throughout the novel is masterfully handled.
Recommended for older readers and adults, this is a complex and enjoyable read.

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