Not Enough Hours In The Day

It amazes me how much I manage to fit into each day, and at the same time it’s frustrating how much I don’t get done.
Each day usually involves some sort of new learning – reading a new book, learning how to create labels using the library software, making a new recipe; always involves my family – cooking, driving, loving, helping, sharing; meeting friends around town; getting from A to B; checking my online information – blogs, Twitter, Facebook, iGoogle, Feeds; finding new and interesting ways to interact on the interweb; and so much more.
And yet today I wish that I had had time to; vacuum and mop the floor, change the sheets on my bed, finish my current YA novel, do just one more load of washing, visit my parents/ sister/ brother, clean up the cat hair on the couch cover, get my haircut, etc, etc, etc.
It’s no wonder we (I) sometimes feel totally over-whelmed. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some of the backlog of draft reviews I’ve got ready and waiting, I’ll finish all the reading I’ve put my hand up for (idiot!), I’ll have some space in my brain to think about other books I’ve read over the years and add them to my list, get a haircut, maybe take the kids to the dentist, see family, celebrate a birthday, etc, etc, etc.
Would that there were just a few more hours in every day.


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