Review: Girl Saves Boy

Girl Saves BoyGirl Saves Boy by Steph Bowe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The bittersweet story of Jewel, Sasha, Little Al and True, "Girl saves Boy" opens with 18-year-old Jewel saving Sasha from drowning – something that she wasn’t able to do for her older brother ten years ago. Each of the main characters has been touched by death. Each has issues that they need to deal with. Jewel’s action is the catalyst for a whole lot of changes, for all of the characters.
All of the characters are well-drawn, and even the ‘bit players’ are nuanced and thoughtfully ‘fleshed out’.
The main gripe I have with this novel is the number of ‘issues’ that are dealt with. By the end I felt a bit like, "Well, what’s next?!". But. I was moved to tears by a single scene, and that makes this book a winner for me – that I was ‘made’ to care enough about the people and their stories that I cried.
Recommended for older readers.

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