Moving is Hard Work

It’s only a week since the moving van arrived at our new pad, but it feels like forever. Despite the fact that we unpack something every day, the unpacking seems to be never-ending. Could it be that, until today, we had stuff in two houses? Having picked up the last of the ‘stuff’ from the old house today, and spending two hours giving the old house a good clean, I’m starting to feel like the end is in sight.

I think that having the ‘cleaning’ of the old pad hanging over my head was getting me down – especially as I knew that my brother needed to move from his place to our old place ASAP.

Anyway. It’s done now.

Just 50 or so boxes at the new house to go through. Yay.


3 thoughts on “Moving is Hard Work

  1. So glad you’re in your new house! With enough notice, I could book a week or so to travel all the way to the souf. I would love to see you all again and have coffee in a new cafe somewhere…?


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