Mind Your Matter

If you are a fan of TedTalks (and I know a lot of you are) you may have seen this talk from Kim Gorgens. Kim is a neuropsycholigist who studies the way our brains recover from injury. And as she says in the video, they do, because our brains/ body are made to regenerate.

This really strikes a chord with me. Back in the 80s a friend of mine, Mark, was home after school. He was 16. Mark heard a crash out the front of his house, and a boy had come down a hill to a T-intersection, and collided with a car. The boy on the bike was not wearing a helmet. My friend ran inside, called the ambos and police and made the driver and the boy comfortable. My friend still remembers how the boy’s head looked after the impact.

I’m writing this blog post now, because I see kids out and about on their bikes ALL THE TIME without helmets on. I know they think they are indestructible. I know that you can’t make them wear that helmet. BUT you can share this video and my story with them, and maybe they will think twice before riding (or playing sport) without a helmet on.


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