Review: The Red Wind

The Red Wind (The Kingdom of the Lost #1)The Red Wind by Isobelle Carmody
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a wonderful new series from Isobelle Carmody. Following the little lives of Bily and Zluty (Billy? Bile-y?, Sluty? Zlooty?) twins hatched from a metal egg, the story weaves its way around the tiny part of the world that they inhabit. Bily is timid and conservative, Zluty is adventurous and outgoing, but they are so used to looking out for each other that neither strays far from home.

The rhythm of their lives revolves around the seasons, and when, on the morning before Zluty sets out for the Autumn trip to the Northern Forest, the sky is covered with red, the brothers are full of foreboding but are aware that they must gather supplies from the forest or starve over the Winter.

So, Zluty packs his supplies carefully, and sets off to the Forest determined to return as quickly as possible with everything that they need. But while he is travelling The Red Wind arrives, bringing with it conditions that test the brothers’ to their limits.

I am looking forward to the continuing story of Bily and Zluty.

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