Review: The Other Countess

The Other CountessThe Other Countess by Eve Edwards
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Despite the in-authentic language of the main characters, this is a bodice-ripper for the YA reader.

The Other Countess is the story of Ellie Hutton, also Lady Eleanor Rodrigues of San Jaime, but she never uses this title in Queen Elizabeth I’s papacy-hating England.

The story opens as little Ellie and her father are banished from the estate of the Earl of Dorset, young William Lacey, newly come to the title on the death of his father, a calamity which reveals how destitute the old Earl and Mr Hutton have made the Lacey Estate.

Casting the Huttons out, William creates a life of misery for Ellie – bound to her father by love, but linked to him in his poverty and obsession.

When their paths cross some years later, Ellie’s forthright nature and modern education cause trouble between the pair.

For secondary students and above.

I really enjoyed the character of Ellie – feisty, smart, witty and strong. The plot has enough twists to keep you reading well into the wee hours, and although I rarely read ‘romance’, this novel has elements of Jane Austen’s wit and humour.

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