Review: Fearless

FearlessFearless by Colin Thompson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a lovely book, but the dichotomy between the text and illustrations is quite marked. The illustrations are beautiful, don’t get me wrong, and they add a definite ‘cute’ factor to the book as a whole. What’s not to love about a dog that can smile as widely as Fearless?!

The trouble, for me, comes with the age category that this book was given by the CBCA judges. Listed in Early Childhood, I read this out loud to what I would consider to be the perfect age – kinder kids aged 3 and 4. There were very few laughs from the kids – the humour in the text went right over their heads, and the illustrations were not enough of a scaffold for the students to join in with the humour. On the other hand, the teachers laughed themselves silly. They got all the jokes, both textual and visual.

I do like this book a lot, and I can see why it wouldn’t have sat well in Younger Readers either. Having been a judge, I have to say that I don’t envy the judges that job. Choosing the age category can be fraught with difficulty, and sometimes, texts just don’t quite fit anywhere.

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